"Art at the Antipodes" is the first exhibition dedicated to the Brignoni Collection at the MUSEC, Villa Malpensata. 73 works from Serge Brignoni's collection, including sculptures, masks, shields, and architectural elements from the Pacific islands, set in a journey that underlines the continuity between ethnic art and the 20th-century avant-garde.
On Friday October 21st, the “Ticino is Burning” movement received the 2022 Swiss Performing Arts Prize from the Ufficio Federale della Cultura (Federal Office for Culture). “Ticino is Burning”, created by five independent artists from Ticino - Elena Boillat, Camilla Parini, Francesca Sproccati, Alan Alpenfelt and Simon Waldvogel - aims to reflect on production in the performing arts and to create a network of contacts.
From October 20 th 2022 to April 16 th 2023, the MUSEC hosts the 5 th edition of Unpublished Photo, UP22: 24 large-format photographic prints by four photographers from different countries around the world, selected and awarded by an international jury.