February films of Club Cult and Cinema in Tasca

Focus on the films to be screened in February in the film selection curated by Agorateca: Club Cult and Cinema in Tasca (Cinema in the pocket).
2 February 2023
by Agorateca Team
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Death on the Nile

Club Cult is the popular film festival that has been inviting everyone to meet and rediscover together cult movies since 2007. This year Club Cult is Original Version, i.e. it offers films in the original language with Italian subtitles. Screenings are on Sunday afternoons (at 17:30) at the Studio Foce. Cinema in Tasca, now in its 28th edition, proposes the great films of the last season at the Palazzo dei Congressi, with two screenings on Wednesdays (at 18:00 and 20:30). Two film selections with a price to suit all budgets: the ticket for each screening costs CHF 5.-, CHF 4.- if you are a MyLugano Card or MyLugano Pass holder.

Death on the Nile
Directed by Kenneth Branagh.
At the invitation of his young friend Bouc, detective Hercule Poirot takes part in a cruise down the Nile organised by two newlyweds, the handsome Simon Doyle and the heiress Linnet Ridgeway, accompanied by friends and family but constantly pursued by his resentful ex. When the heiress is found dead, Poirot’s manhunt spares no one.
Keywords: mystery, exotic, retro, literary transposition
Chosen because: Take an intriguing and timeless mystery novel, a world-famous detective and an atmospheric cruise on the Nile: combine this with a direction that introduces contemporary elements and pace and you have the formula for this film’s success.
Cinema in Tasca. Screening on 08.02 at the Palazzo dei Congressi.

Death on the Nile
Death on the Nile

Directed by Patrice Leconte.
Inspired by Georges Simenon’s novel “Maigret and the Dead Girl”, “Maigret” tells the mysterious case of a young girl who is found dead in a Parisian square one morning in an elegant evening dress.
Keywords: justice, murder, literary transposition
Chosen because: The sets are beautifully crafted, the dialogue is used wisely and is assembled with great fairness. Leconte’s mise-en-scène is sober without being simplistic, and perfectly supports the work of the actors and particularly that of Depardieu, managing to remain relevant even in a film whose story is rooted in the 1950s. Also noteworthy is the attention to period details and a photograph that veers slightly towards sepia, reinforcing this somewhat agée side.
Club Cult. Screening on 12.02 at Studio Foce.
Original French version, French subtitles.


3/19 – Il Giardino del re
Directed by Silvio Soldini.
The life of Camilla, a successful lawyer with a grown-up daughter, is turned upside down on a rainy night in Milan. A car accident, for which she may be responsible, causes the death of a boy and involves her in an investigation that will take her far away from the places and landscapes she is used to.
Key words: change, mother-daughter relationship, death
Chosen because: The humanity and sensitivity with which Silvio Soldini tells his stories are unique and recognised in the Italian film scene. In 3/19 too, the director’s touch is one of the elements, in addition to the excellent performances, that has decreed the film’s success.
Cinema in Tasca. Screening on 22.02 at the Palazzo dei Congressi.

3/19 Il giardino del re
3/19 Il giardino del re

The next film proposed by Agorateca is “Death on the Nile” for Cinema in Tasca, on 08.02 at 18:00 and 20:30 at the Palazzo dei Congressi.
More information: luganoeventi.ch

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