“Home was a perfect place for jazz music” – Interview with Rita Payés, jazz musician and singer

Rita Payés is a Spanish jazz musician and singer. Born in 1999, Rita is one of the emerging voices of contemporary jazz in Europe. Rita Payés will play in concert on 7 November at Studio Foce together with her mother, classical guitarist Elizabeth Roma.
22 September 2022
by Silvia Onorato
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© Duna Valles

When did you first encounter jazz music?
My parents are both music teachers and my brother loves to play the trumpet. That makes your home a perfect place for jazz music.

You joined the Sant Andreu Jazz Band at 15. How do you remember those days?
I remember those days with a lot of mixed feelings: a lot of enthusiasm but I was also very nervous J

Not only are you a pianist, a guitarist, a trombonist and a singer; you also compose your own music. Where do you start from when you write new music?
My personal experience. I always say best “boleros” are written after heartbreaking experiences.

You recorded some of your albums with your mother, classical guitarist Elizabeth Roma. You also play live with her. When did you first collaborate?
What does it mean for you to play live with your mother?  We used to play a lot of songs at home. In fact, our first album was a gift to her.  I’ve decided to record some of this tunes and it finally became an album.

As a young musician with considerable experience in the music industry, how do you imagine the future of music to be like?
The future of music? It’s very difficult to answer. I’m like a grandma in that sense. The people I usually listen to are from very past time haha

Rita Payés plays at Studio Foce on 07.11.
More information: foce.ch

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