Springtime in Lugano

It's springtime, time to enjoy the blooming nature, the birdsong, and all the activities that can be done just steps away from the lake. Springtime in Lugano is Pasqua in Città, but also Lido, Lugano Marittima, lakefront and Parco Ciani; just a few steps away, Foce offers concerts, plays and film screenings.
23 March 2023
by Lugano Eventi editorial team
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Spring is the season to go out. With nature awakening it’s time to fully enjoy the lake: walks in the city parks, along scenic trails, a dip at the Lido (reopening on May 1st), a drink at Lugano Marittima (reopening on May 25th), a ride on a pedal boat or motorboat (available from April 7th), among the markets in the squares and on the lakefront. Spring is Pasqua in Città, the traditional three-day festival in the city centre for families, with treasure hunts and animations (April 7-9th).

There are also many opportunities for leisure, such as museums or art galleries that animate the cultural scene of Lugano. A few steps from Parco Ciani, for music lovers, the RACLETTE concerts at Studio Foce offer exquisite spring pearls: Claver Gold (March 31st, 21:00), Martelli (April 1st, 21:00), Nolan Quinn Quintet (April 17th, 21:00), and Mistaman and DJ Shocca (April 28th, 21:00). 25 RANDOM events, proposed by youth collectives for young people, range from reggae to electronic music, from punk to rock.

At Studio Foce, Agorateca organises three events: the presentation of the all-Ticino volume “Pancia mia fatti capanna” (April 19th, 18:30), screenings of the shorts “Le più lunghe antenne” and “Veverice” (April 27th, 18:30), and a meeting on artist books and underground publishing “Print out loud” (May 9th). With Caribbean dances and tango steps, Alma Latina and Milonga return with two appointments at Studio Foce (April 4th and May 16th, 21:00; March 26th and April 16th, 20:00). At Teatro Foce, nine shows await you between the HOME and GARDEN selections.

Cinema in Tasca with a selection of the most acclaimed films from the past cinematic season offers an interesting alternative for a night out, with prices for all budgets (Palazzo dei Congressi, March 23rd, April 12th, April 24th, May 22nd at 18:00 and 20:30); Club Cult offers two films shown in their original language: Les Parfums (April 23rd, 17:30) and Jazz on a Summer’s Day (May 21st, 17:30).

It’s a season to savor. Check out the complete calendar.

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