A Royal Night Out (Una notte con la regina)

English Film Club 2016/2017

Quando e Dove


Adults: CHF 60.-
Students: CHF 40.-


Cinema Lux Art House
Via Giuseppe Motta 67
6900 Massagno
+41 (0)91 967 30 39
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The films will all be shown with English sub-titles.
The minimum age for a ticket is fifteen.

Le tessere che danno accesso alle dieci proiezioni saranno in vendita alla cassa dalle 17.45

Programma 10 proiezioni

Directed by Julian Jarrold

Comedy | UK | 2015 | 97'

With Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Jack Reynor, Rupert Everett, Emily Watson.

It is a film about one perfect, glorious evening in the lives of two real-life princesses. They are Elisabeth and Margaret Windsor and the night is 8th of May 1945, V-E Night. It is known that the young princesses, aged 19 and 14, slipped out of the palace to join the communal euphoria. Out on the town, incognito.