Yolki Novye

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Quando e Dove



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6900 Massagno
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Regia di  Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Commedia | Russia | 2017 | 86'

Con Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Dimitri Nagiev

The film tells us about adventures of different people on the eve of the most important holiday of the country. By New Year in Russia almost everything is ready, but for some people this preparation is not quite usual. As always, we will meet with the old heroes of this franchise, and also get acquainted with new ones. In Yolki 6, the friendship of Zhenya and Borya is under threat again, Galya from Novosibirsk desperately tries to spend New Year's Eve with her beloved, the hipster from Tyumen will learn to survive in the woods of his potential stepfather, and a brave boy from Khabarovsk will flee to Moscow to find a new mother.

Limite di età: 6 anni