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Regia di  Nikolai Khomeriki

Thriller | Russia | 2018 | 107'

Con Konstantin Khabenskiy, Feodor Bondarchuk, Yulia Khlynina, Anna Mikhalkova, Severija Janušauskaitė

The twin completely copied him gestures, facial expressions, even joked the same way so that no one suspected a substitution. Bogdanov looked at the screen as if in a mirror. The twin led his telecast, met his fans-readers, lived with his women, drank at a bar with his friends. . . It happened instantly at once you were wiped, your personality. . . and then the best psychoanalysts are powerless. Public and successful, witty and cynical, Bogdanov lost everything he had been working on for years, building his career and life. And now he clearly understood: a copy is better and more honest than he himself, the battle for himself is lost. And only his daughter wants to return the true Bogdanov…

Limite di età: 16 anni