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Regia di Timur Bekmambetov

Commedia | Russia | 2018 | 97'

Con Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Elena Yakovleva, Marina Alexandrova

"Christmas Trees. Final" will be the most touching, kind and magical, because of our favourite characters, who will say goodbye to the audience. The film almanac will include five New Year stories. In the novel "pines" millennial will help his brutal stepfather, uncle Yura, to make a marriage proposal. In story "brothers” inseparable friends Boris and Zhenya will be on the verge of breaking up again, because Zhenya is going to return to Yakutsk. The skier and snowboarder turned the whole city over for the sake of the smile of one beauty in the short story “restaurant of quick acquaintance”. And other stories about your favourite heroes in the last film "christmas Trees".