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Propose your event or tell us about one you are interested in. Publication on the website and in the Lugano Eventi app is totally free.

General Conditions for publication

Promoters reporting an event commit themselves to

Submitting events

Only after receiving the necessary cantonal and municipal authorisations.

Providing images and photographs

Free of rights (copyright) or with permission for use.

Reporting changes​

Such as cancellation, sold out, change of date, time, place, etc. promptly.

Information required for publication


At a minimum, the name of a promoter must be provided, indicating the location and one or more contacts (website, e-mail address and/or telephone number). Generally, they must be legally recognised. In the case of private promoters, publication will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


In landscape orientation, minimum size 1200 x 706 pixels. Images with low quality cannot be used. Preferably avoid images containing text.

Descriptive text length

Between 250 and 900 characters, including spaces.

Events in the following categories are not normally published:

  • Meetings of a political nature that are not related to cultural events (e.g. party assemblies will not be published, while we will publish conferences open to the public with in-depth discussions on various topics).
  • Events of an erotic or esoteric nature (fortune-telling, astrology, numerology, shamanism, etc.).
  • Speed dating.
  • Long-term courses (languages, theatre, dance, sports…).

Submit an event by filling in the form

Minimum 250 characters, including spaces.

Dates and times when the event will take place. If the event is repeated, indicate the complete period and the day(s) on which the event takes place. .

If the event is not chargeable, write 'Free'. If applicable, indicate reduced prices for age groups or members.

IHigh resolution image, horizontally oriented, at least 1200 pixels wide, less than 3 MB, in JPG or PNG format.

Insert links with http or https. Example

PDF files, JPG or PNG images, less than 2MB.

Please indicate any useful information for those attending the event.

Promoter data:

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