Focus on the films to be screened in February in the film selection curated by Agorateca: Club Cult and Cinema in Tasca (Cinema in the pocket).
The new Foce season starts on 2 February: over 160 cultural events including concerts, theatre performances and conferences. We talk about the new season with Michela Poretti, artistic director of Foce.
La Libreria del Tempo in Savosa and the Libreria Wälti in Lugano are proposing a season of literary and cultural events from February to June dedicated to publishers and authors from Ticino entitled "Pagine del Ticino".
"Liberi tutti!" (“Free everyone”) tells the story of a puppeteer who wishes to set his puppets free. Inspired by "La Sorpresa" (“The Surprise”), a comedy in two acts by Chesterton published posthumously in 1952, "Liberi tutti!" will be at Teatro Foce on 20 January. We talk about it with Otello Cenci, who wrote the script and directs the play.


Some images of the urban art projects carried out during the LongLake Festival that have brought new life to the walls of the city.

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