Gogol - Terrible Revenge


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Regia di Egor Baranov

Horro, Thriller | Russia | 2018 | 105'
versione originale russo, sottotitoli inglese

Con Pavel Derevyanko, Oleg Menshikov, Alexander Petrov

Two hundred years ago the Little Russian villages were ravaged by a gang of non-christians, the Lyakhs, led by a powerful sorcerer. Since then, unknown in the vicinity of Dikanka is the unknown Black Horseman, catches young girls and cruelly punishes them, as if taking revenge for what. And Lisa may become his next victim. To save her beloved, scribe Nikolai Gogol must break evil spells and defeat the ancient curse. None of the mortals have yet succeeded in this, but fortunately, the genial metropolitan detective Yakov Guro comes to the aid of Gogol, and he already has the main suspect.

Limite di età: 16 anni