Looking through the pages of Ticino

La Libreria del Tempo in Savosa and the Libreria Wälti in Lugano are proposing a season of literary and cultural events from February to June dedicated to publishers and authors from Ticino entitled "Pagine del Ticino".
26 January 2023
by Silvia Onorato
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“Pagine del Ticino” is the title of the new season of literary encounters organised by La Libreria del Tempo in Savosa and Libreria Wälti in Lugano: 14 afternoon events from February to June, which will take place in the Sala Refettorio of the LAC and the Libreria del Tempo and Libreria Wälti premises. The series of meetings, dedicated to Ticino authors and publishers, is curated by the team of the two independent bookshops and is aimed at promoting reading.
The season opens with two book launches with female authors: Sara Catella with “Le Malorose” recounts the confidences of a midwife at the beginning of the 20th century (04.02, 17:30, La Libreria del Tempo), while Olimpia De Girolamo with “Tutto ciò ciò che siamo stati” proposes a reflection on childhood, relationships and social ties (11.02, 17:30, La Libreria del Tempo). The season continues with journalist Gianluca Grossi with some considerations on “Libertà è una parola” and apocalyptic journalism at the time of Covid (04.03, 17:30, La Libreria del Tempo). Four conferences will be dedicated to the writer Piero Scanziani (1908-2003), through dialogues with Maria Giuseppina Scanziani touching on various themes: from the author’s life and characters to the human couple, from “entronauts” to nature (05.03, 02.04, 07.05 and 11.06, 16:00, Sala Refettorio LAC).
“Risollevarsi. La mia vita dopo un attentato terroristico” is Morena Pedruzzi’s account of a dramatic event and its aftermath (18.03, 17:30, La Libreria del Tempo).
The territory and its stories are discussed together with Lorenzo Sganzini, who with his “In Svizzera – Sulle tracce di Helvetia” has travelled all over the country visiting symbolic places (01.04, 17:30, La Libreria del Tempo), and together with Jonas Marti, who with “Lugano la bella sconosciuta” proposes a walk through the streets of Lugano accompanied by a reflection on city values (22.04, 10:30 and 17:30, Libreria Wälti and La Libreria del Tempo).
Elisabetta Rasy takes readers on a journey to Capri, recounting the nostalgia of its beauty (23.04, 16:00, Sala Refettorio LAC), while Claudio Andretta proposes a walk to discover urban energy places in Lugano (27.05 and 16.09, departure Libreria Wälti and La Libreria del Tempo).

The “Pagine del Ticino” season of literary events is presented on 28.01 at the Libreria del Tempo in Savosa. The first conference of the season is with Sara Catella and takes place on 04.02 at 17:30 at the Libreria del Tempo.

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