mohs. is a jazz quartet formed in 2017 by Zacharie Ksyk (trumpet), Erwan Valazza (guitar), Gaspard Colin (electric bass) and Nathan Vandenbulcke (drums). mohs. compose music that moves in contemporary jazz, incorporating influences from Hip hop and electronics – they play on March 20 at Studio Foce.
The new Foce season starts on 2 February: over 160 cultural events including concerts, theatre performances and conferences. We talk about the new season with Michela Poretti, artistic director of Foce.
Hotlanta is a band from Ticino that combines rock, blues and soul. The brainchild of musicians Matteo “Tedd” Bertini (vocals) and Rocco “El Tigre” Lombardi (drums), later joined by Matteo “Cleveland” Ballabio (Rhodes/synth), Mattia “Mad” Mantello (guitar) and Francesco “Cec” Rezzonico (bass), Hotlanta plays on December 17th at the Studio Foce.
Since 2011 Hang Massive have shaped the global handpan music scene, pioneering a successful electronic act with a magnetizing live show. Blending dream-like acoustic and upbeat electronic sounds, their unique style inspires a worldwide audience. The duo, consisting of Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat, will perform on December 2nd at the Studio Foce.