“Music is freedom” – Interview with Punkreas

An Italian punk band with 12 albums, 2 collections and 2 live shows, Punkreas will perform on December 9th at the Studio Foce to celebrate more than thirty years of career.
22 November 2022
by Silvia Onorato
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© Elena Di Vincenzo
© Elena Di Vincenzo

Punkreas were born in 1989 in Parabiago (Milan). Their first self-produced EP (“Isterico”) was followed in 1992 by their debut album “United Rumors of Punkreas”, and three years later by “Paranoia e potere”, considered one of the benchmark records of the Italian punk. Throughout their career they performed at festivals throughout Italy and released records experimenting with reggae, ska and rock: “Pelle”, “Falso” – with their first international tour in Germany –, “Quello che Sei”. In 2014, on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, they released “XXV Paranoia domestica” with the reissue of the first four albums, which was followed by a tour of the same name; in the same year they also released “Radio Punkreas”, an album of covers of Italian hits with several collaborations. At the end of 2019, to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, they released the album “XXX” which collects the band’s best-loved singles. The celebratory tour that started at Milan’s Alcatraz in January 2020 due to the Covid-19 health crisis was transformed into a touring show entitled “Funny goes acoustic”, in which the band’s songs were revisited in an acoustic version and then collected in the album of the same name in 2021. In 2022, the improvement in the health situation allowed the band to start again with the “XXX e qualcosa tour” which touches down in several Italian cities and Lugano.

The tour that brings you to the Studio Foce celebrates more than thirty years of career. What kind of moment is that for you?
It is definitely a great milestone. For those who make music, it means a lot, it means continuing to put yourself out there, but above all it means that we have done something very good to have survive and still be followed until now. And we have no intention of stopping.

How do you remember the early days? What did punk represent in the music scene of the late 1980s in Italy?
It was a cultural movement that was part of the everyday life, it was a continuous succession of events, concerts and ideas. Those were the days of the wonderful meeting places that took the name of “Social Centres”, which unfortunately today are fewer and fewer, and their absence highlights the decline of both musical and above all artistic and cultural initiatives that came from below.

There have been many musical experiments and collaborations with other artists in your career. What happens when punk meets something else?
The punk genre is meant to be a “bastard” genre, which goes well with everything, from ska to metal and reggae, just think of the famous PunkyReggaeConnection sung by Marley in PunkyReggaeParty. In short, punk is a bit like the colour grey, it goes with everything.

Is today’s music freer than 30 years ago?
Music should have been born to be freedom, of expression, of ideas, of struggles. Now we see an increase of individuals who claim to have control over music and even decide whether it is music that can go or not… very dangerous people of whom one should always be wary.

Your latest album, “Funny goes acoustic”, revisits your classic songs in an acoustic version. What led to this choice?
It was an idea we had in our mind for some time, then Covid and the enforced seclusion that came with it gave birth to this album and the collaboration with Roberto “Robbo” Bovolenta, a long-standing friend and former guitarist of “Amici di Roland”, made us discover sounds and attitudes unknown to us… And it was love at first sight.

Punkreas will play in concert on 09.12 at 21:00 at the Studio Foce.
More information: foce.ch

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